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  • About Herkimer Foods - The Herkimer Cheese tradition has its roots in the rich soil of New York's Herkimer County, where conditions are ideal for dairy farming. By the 1850s, the area became a major center of cheese production because the milk produced there was so wholesome and plentiful. Soon Herkimer County cheddar was known the world over for its exceptional flavor and quality.

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Popular Recipes
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Chutter® Mushroom Fondue
Chutter® Tomato Fondue
Cauliflower and Herkimer Cheddar Soup

Creamy and cheesy!

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Cauliflower and Herkimer Cheddar Soup
Chutter® Leek Fondue

This classic favorite is perfect for parties or a light supper

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Chutter® Leek Fondue
Cajun Shrimp Party Cheesecake