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Original Herkimer Cheese

Say Cheese. Say Herkimer.

At Herkimer, we know cheese. All of our products are made with natural, locally produced ingredients, with the exceptional flavor and quality that have made our region famous amongst lovers of artisan cheese the world over. Learn more >

Original Herkimer Cheese – New York State cheddar, aged to perfection

The original and still the best, Herkimer's aged New York State cheddar is one of the finest artisan cheeses in the country. Crafted with pride, slowly aged to perfection, we use the best ingredients and the ideal balance of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques to bring this award-winning cheese to your table. Browse varieties >

Take a dip in something delicious.

From the familiar to the exotic, Herkimer's all-natural artisan cheese dips and blends add special flavor to snacks, parties, and any occasion. Browse varieties >

Log on... and have a (cheese) ball.

Original Herkimer Cheese Balls and Logs have a rich, creamy flavor that makes you dream. The secret is in the crafting. All are carefully hand-rolled using nearly 70% aged cheddar. Nine delectable flavors to choose from. Browse varieties >

Chutter® rocks. (Spread the word.)

Our popular Chutter® is a smooth, creamy, spreadable cheese that's just right for snacks, parties, recipes, and more. Crafted from quality aged cheddar and the finest upstate New York cream, Chutter® is the spread legends are made of. Browse varieties >

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